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Praying for peaches

Faith and Inspiration When we expand our view of prayer (of God!) and are open to new and creative ways of praying, we join the cloud of witnesses in the Bible who prayed unusual prayers

Boys Scouts take part in a Memorial Day ceremony in Bay City, Mich. (Associated Press/Photo by Amanda Ray/The Bay City Times)

The end of the Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts Today's BSA is what happens when a Christian organization is so successful that it gains broad appeal among non-Christians ...

Naghmeh Abedini and her children Rebekka and Jacob (Facebook)

Impotent anger

Iran Even in a righteous cause, anger is too quickly diverted to personal animosity

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Leaving college again

Essay I never thought I would say I'm glad college lasted five years instead of four

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Secular moral indignation

Secular moral indignation

Higher Education It is no surprise that college fraternities are embroiled in unusual levels of controversy

How I sold out

How I sold out

Culture I have done the very thing I thought I would never do

Bridesmaid Inc.

Bridesmaid Inc.

Culture Wedding planning can be a trap for unrealistic expectations