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FEAR FACTOR: Edgar Ramirez (Screen Gems)

Deliver Us from Evil

Movies Three thoughts came to mind after watching Deliver Us from Evil, the latest horror film based on a nonfiction book.

GOING BLUE: Beast (Nicholas Hoult) lashes out at Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) in X-Men: Days of Future’s Past (Alan Markfield/Marvel/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Fast backward

Movies Days of Future Past is blockbuster fun but not much more

Kent Smith/Fox

Sleepy Hollow

Television Arguably Hollywood's most time-honored tactic for injecting a sense of the mystical and mysterious into a production is borrowing from the Bible.

IMPORT VALUE: Tennant as Alec Hardy and Simone McAullay as Becca Fisher. (BBC)

Marvelous mystery

Entertainment & the Arts Sharp writing and superb acting may make Broadchurch the next big British TV import

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The Conjuring

Movies Depiction of darkness in The Conjuring seems closer to fascination than warning

Saving the summer

Saving the summer 

Entertainment & the Arts The spy spoof RED 2 comes along this weekend to rescue viewers from the summer doldrums