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We are looking for Campus Reps for every college in America (and beyond). If you are entrepreneurially spirited, love what you see here at the WORLD on Campus web-site, becoming a Campus Rep might be a great way to make money and to get valuable work experience.

Your job will be to recruit users for the WORLD on Campus web-site. Here is a description of the job, and how you will be compensated. Let's begin with compensation.


Your compensation will be made up of three components:

  1. You will be compensated $50 per month during your first year as Campus Rep for performing certain duties and providing a monthly report of those duties. (We'll need the report by the 10th of each month.)
  2. You will receive $1 for every person on your campus (or in your assigned area) who becomes a registered user of (You'll receive a monthly report that identifies each person on your campus who has become a registered user.)
  3. You will receive $20 for every one of your registered users who "graduates" to become a subscriber to WORLD Magazine. (It's likely that you won't be getting too many of these folk quickly, but this could end up being a significant, ongoing income stream for you.)
  4. A free subscription to WORLD Magazine
  5. Note that your $50 monthly compensation will end after one year. The purpose of the $50 is to get you started toward building your commission income. If you do the things we have prescribed below, your commission income in the second and subsequent years should more than make up for the loss of the $50 monthly stipend.

Your $50 monthly stipend pays you for the following activities:

  1. Posting at least 3 "World on Campus" stories to your Facebook profile EVERY WEEK.
  2. Maintaining at least 500 friends on your Facebook profile. If you don't have at least 500 friends now, start working on this and when you get to 500 friends, and please be back in touch with us when you have arrived at 500 friends.
  3. Sending us a SHORT monthly report.
  4. Participation in a monthly conference call. (You can miss a call every once in a while, but you must participate in at least 8 out of 12 annual conference calls.)

Your Monthly Report

Your monthly report should be a simple Microsoft WORD document, no more than one page in length, that includes the following information:

  1. A link to the stories you posted on your Facebook account, along with the date you posted the stories.
  2. Any other information or activities that you think might be helpful to us.

Keeping Your Status as a WORLD on Campus Rep Current

We want to have highly successful, active representatives on every college campus in the United States. And we want that person on your campus to be YOU! However, we realize that this job is not for everyone, or it might not be something that you can commit to for the long-haul. Therefore, this relationship is good for only ONE year. At the end of that year, if we both like the way things are going, and we'll renew for another year. Just to put you at ease: if you are doing everything we are asking of you, and if you are filing your monthly reports in a timely manner, it is highly likely that we will want to renew the relationship.

That said, it is possible that we will change or "tweak" the requirements of a campus rep from time to time. Our goal will be to make only those changes that will make you more successful. The changes will likely be things we've tried on other campuses that have worked, and that we now want to implement everywhere. If we do make changes mid-year, you will not be required to agree to the new changes until the time comes for you to renew your contract with us. You will be able to decide every year if repping is still something you want to do.