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Domestic News | February 22, 2013

This is News, Feb. 20, 2013

Domestic News

China caught cyber-spying on U.S. firms, Kerry headed to Middle East, Keystone XL president defends pipeline's environmental impact, Detroit on the road to bankruptcy?

Commerce Undersecretary Dr. Patrick Gallagher gestures as he speaks during a news conference in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 13,2013, to give an update on President Barack Obama's Cybersecurity policy. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

High-tech war: U.S. firm produces evidence of Chinese cyber-espionage; White House vows "meaningful dialogue." Kerry's first mission abroad: New secretary of state to head out on Middle East "listening trip." Keystone XL: Pipeline builder says "simple math" shows Canadian oil sands produce "immaterial" amount of greenhouse gas. Bankrupt Detroit? Michigan officials declare "financial emergency" in Motor City. Business: Housing market confidence sags.