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Entertainment & the Arts | November 14, 2012

Empty Promises


Author Pete Wilson asks readers to consider the good things in life they're putting before worshipping Christ

Pete Wilson's Empty Promises (Thomas Nelson, 2012) is about the idols that distract from the worship of Christ. Since humans are designed to worship something, the vital question becomes: "What will you worship?" All people, Christians included, will at times worship idols instead of Christ because of the deceptiveness of sin. He wants Christians to be aware that even good things like family, work, or fun can become idols if they become more important than God.

Wilson cites examples of idolatry from his own life as well as from the Bible. Rachel, he says, longs for children more than anything else. She believed she could not be happy without them, and so instead of worshipping God she worshipped having a child.

This book showed me how easily my heart is swayed away from the worship of Christ to the worship of power, beauty, approval, etc. It also encouraged me because Wilson points the Christian reader toward the joy and fulfillment that comes from adoration of and communion with Christ. He reminds readers that the earth is very good, but it cannot fully satisfy us because our hearts long to be at home, living with Christ forever.